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North Hoy

Grade: Easy-Moderate

Biking distance: 12 miles (20 km) 

Total ascent: 400 metres

Walking distance: 4.3 miles (7km) 

Explore the north part of Orkney's second largest island - Hoy.

The day starts with a short ferry trip from Stromness across to Hoy, before heading off on single track roads between moorland and glacial valleys to explore the Dwarfie Stane, a prehistoric rock-cut chambered tomb dating back to c.3500BC.


Our route then continues south to the magical Rackwick Bay, or 'Wreckage Bay' according to the early Viking settlers.  Enjoy a bike ride across the sand dunes, taking in the splendid red sandstone cliffs., or just relax and savour the wonders of this strikingly desolate yet beautiful beach. And no trip would be complete without a visit to the Old Man of Hoy - standing at 137 metres high, The Old Man is one of the tallest sea stacks in the British Isles and possibly the most famous. 

We finish off with a well-earned coffee/tea (or beer!) and cake in the Beneth'ill Cafe, before returning to Stromness.  


Grade: Easy-Moderate

Biking distance: 22 miles (36km) 

Total ascent: 230 metres

Walking distance: less than 1 mile (1.6km)  

Explore Westray, the sixth largest of the Orkney islands and home to Orkney's largest puffin colony. 

Our day starts from Kirkwall with a 90-minute sailing to Rapness during which you can enjoy wildlife spotting and scenic views as we journey between the Orkney islands. From Rapness we head North past the majestic Bay of Tafts, before stopping off for some Puffin spotting! Our day continues with a cycle up to Pierowall, Westray's main village and harbour, and a visit to the 16th century Noltland Castle (look out for the Boky Hound ghost!). There is also an opportunity to pick up some local cheese and visit the Westray Heritage Centre.

For those wanting a longer cycle on Westray (and if the weather is favourable!), we continue up to Noup Head Lighthouse to some of Orkney's wildest coastal scenery, before heading back South to catch our late afternoon ferry back to Kirkwall.  


Grade: Easy-Moderate

Biking distance: 15 miles (25km) 

Total ascent: 320 metres

Walking distance:  1 mile (1.6km) 

Sitting at the entrance to Scapa Flow, the small island of Flotta has a big wartime history and is a real gem to explore by bike. 

Our journey starts with a short ferry ride from Houton before we head off on the quiet roads and tracks to explore the wartime archaeology scattered around the island. First stop is the Golta 'Z' Battery, an anti-aircraft 'rocket' and camp site dating back to WWII., and the best preserved Z battery in the British Isles.   

Stop off at the Flotta Heritage Centre, a renovated 1940's croft which now contains memorabilia covering two World Wars, when Orkney was home to the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet. Visit the derelict Stanger Head Naval Signal Station and Neb Coastal Battery where you can take in the amazing views across Scapa Flow and surrounding islands, or just relax and watch the nature and wildlife.